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  • Garden Cafe - A place to meet and learn
  • learn music, crafts, it & more
  • healthy food, friendly atmosphere
  • you can volunteer too
  • See how you can gain & contribute

Kitchen is open
8:00am - 3:30pm
Monday to Friday.

Call us on
020 7474 5257

The Garden Community Cafe
7 Cundy Road
Custom House
London E16 3DJ



These are the current projects we are running. Please contact us first if you wish to attend any of these.


Art Recovery
This group is specifically aimed at people with mental health issues or learning disabilities. The group create a piece of artwork each week and socialise with one another.
Poetry Group
This group is aimed at those with mental health issues or disabilities, giving you an opportunity to learn about and write your own poetry.
Craft Club
4pm to 5pm
This club is for ages 5-12 and involves creating exciting crafts and projects each week.
Coffee Morning
9 - 10.30am. Dropped your kids off at school and want a chance to relax, drink coffee, socialise and eat cake? We've set aside this space for you parents and carers, only £1 for a fresh coffee and homemade cake.
Drop In
3pm-4.30pm - Aimed at ages 11-16, a chance to use the Garden Cafe space for your own. Socialise, join in retro gaming and eat spicy wedges!
Student Night
Aimed at College and University Students, includes regular pub quizzes, meals and film nights.
Guitar Lessons
3.30 - 5.30pm
All ages, beginners and improvers welcome. Learn as part of a group or individually.


Ascension Community Trust Website
Ascension Community Trust Website